Jaime Creixems

Design & Product Lead | UX Mentor

Hi! I’m Jaime, I design digital products.

Currently, I’m a Design Advocate at Sketch and a Mentor on UX Design.

I lead teams that build delightful digital products using storytelling, design and engineering.

For +18 years I’ve been the bridge between Business, Design and Development for global institutions, SMEs and startups across USA and Europe.

I take a stoic approach to life and I’m helplessly curious. For me, it’s the key to exploration, empathy, learning, growth, keeping an open mind and improving the life of those around me.

I’m passionate about tech, podcasting, visual arts, science, economics and have a “healthy” obsession with LEGOs. When it comes to music, I’m in for all genres but I have a soft spot for 90’s grunge \m/.

Let’s talk.