Jaime Creixems

Product Design Lead | UX Mentor

I create digital products through inspirational design leadership.

Design Advocate at Sketch.
UX Mentor at Springboard.

As a design lead and product specialist I’m the bridge between business, design and engineering. I’ve been excelling at this for over 20 years across global businesses and startups in USA and Europe.

As a mentor I’ve led many students to become product designers and find jobs in the industry. Some of them have even become dear friends.

I’m naturally curious and stoic. It’s what helps me stay open minded, honest, humble and encouraging growth, learning and empathy in the teams I lead.

I enjoy teaching, learning and talking about design, tech, science and economics. I also love building LEGO’s while listening to 90’s grunge.

Looking for senior expertise in product design or a lead for your design team who delivers delightful products?