Hi! I’m Jaime, I design digital products.

I’m a Design Advocate at Sketch, and a Senior UX & Product Lead for +17 years across USA, Europe and LATAM creating delightful digital products through storytelling, design and engineering.

Throughout my career, I’ve led multiple digital projects in companies like the Inter-American Development Bank, Sketch, Santander Bank, Audi and a few startups.

I’m the bridge between Business, UX Design and Development. I’ve managed UX and Dev teams with care and dedication to foster a healthy and easy-going culture that achieves great results.

I’m also an active mentor at Springboard, an advisor and speaker on Product Design, UX & UI, Product Management and the future of tech on a few conferences.

I love building communities and discussing new ideas with curious minds. It’s why I created the first Refresh Community and organized the first BarCamp conference in LATAM.

I take a stoic approach to life and I’m helplessly curious. For me, it’s the key to open-mindedness, exploration, empathy, learning, growth and improving the life of those around me.

 My favorite hobby is podcasting. I’ve been doing it for +10 years. Listen (in Spanish) to Oh Fork it!

I’m passionate about technology, communication, cinema, photography, science, economics and have a “healthy obsession” with LEGOs. When it comes to music, I’m in for all genres but I have a soft spot for 90’s grunge \m/.

You can learn more in my CV, and get in touch via Twitter, Dribbble or LinkedIn.

The journey is the reward.