About Jaime

Hello! I’m Jaime and I design & manage digital products.

I’m an information engineer | UX and UI designer | product manager | podcaster | frontend dev | bootstrapper | geek | currently in Madrid, Spain.

My passion consists in creating useful digital products and solving complicated problems through engineering, storytelling and design.

Over the years I’ve built a few services, products and created communities and events.

I’m an expert in product design & management, UX & web development for around 15 years. In that time, I’ve helped over 50 companies and organizations in more than 10 countries to build and improve their digital strategy defined and working including the Inter-American Development Bank.

I’m a bootstrapper who likes to create and build. I believe that working hard, smart and honestly will surely lead to great outcomes.

My favorite hobby is podcasting. I’ve been podcasting for over 10 years. Go listen (in Spanish) at Oh Fork it!

I take a stoic approach to life, but if there’s one value defines me it would be curiosity. It’s the engine that promotes openness, exploration, empathy, learning and growth.

I enjoy teaching and talking about new ideas to hungry minds. I’ve been a consultant, teacher and speaker in subjects like Project Management, Web Development, Product Design, UX, and the future of technology.

That’s also why I contributed to build the tech community in Venezuela by creating the first Refresh Community in Valencia (my hometown) and organizing the first BarCamp conference in Venezuela.

I’m also passionate about traveling, learning about other cultures, cooking, science, physics, economics, photography, design, technology, LEGO and cinema with extra love for everything Disney + Pixar. I enjoy music in almost all genres but I have a soft spot for 90’s rock bands.

You can learn more about me in my Curriculum Vitae, or at Twitter, Dribbble and LinkedIn.

I’m always open to hear about new projects so if you think I can be of help, let’s talk.

The journey is the reward, amor fati.