Jaime Creixems

Hi! I'm Jaime, design leader, advisor and mentor working as a Design Advocate at Sketch.

I’ve worked for 20+ years  across the EU and US creating digital products and strategies that bring clear and creative solutions to complex problems.

As a strategist and leader I work as the bridge between design, business and engineering.

When I’m managing design or dev teams I focus on creating a healthy, trusting and empowered culture that achieves great results.

I’m also a mentor at Springboard,  advisor and speaker on Product Design, UX & UI, Product Management in a few events. 

As a mentor I’ve led many students to become product designers and find jobs in the industry. For more about my career check my resume.

Outside of work, I’m a learner, a teacher and a geeky podcaster that loves to talk about all kinds of topics. I’ve been podcasting for 15+ years. Listen to Oh Fork it!

I lead a stoic lifestyle fueled by curiosity. I enjoy traveling, having meals with friends and building LEGO to the tunes of 90’s grunge.

The journey is the reward.