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Get expert design advice for your projects.
Design reviews, detailed improvements, UI expertise or just a second opinion.
For websites, mobile apps or any digital UI. Easy. Fast. Just send an email.

For Startups

You might not be able to hire a full-time design expert yet, but you need to get expert design advice.

Get unlimited expert design advice and even strategic design leadership for startups without breaking the bank.

For Corporations

Companies and enterprises that want to bring in design thinking culture into their processes.

Get expert design thinking, advice, best practices and even partial leadership for your teams right away.

For Developers

Devs tend to have a harder-than-necessary time getting right the UI Design part on their projects.

Get actionable advice, ideas and tips that will take the Interface Design of your projects to the next level.

For Designers

You might be facing a challenge that is beyond your expertise, or you might just need fresh eyes on a project.

Get with expert advice and fresh ideas to take your designs one step ahead and beyond.


Unlimited email reviews, video calls or partial design leadership. 
Clear options for every need.

Unlimited Emails

$399/month $499/month

Email-only Design Reviews. One email at a time. Answers in 1 business day. Includes a 30-minute design review meeting per month.

20% OFF

Video (Call) Reviews

$159/call $240/call

One time video review or video call for design feedback or strategy.
 Conversational, direct and interactive.
 Up to 90 minutes.

35% OFF

Design Leadership

$1499/month $2200/month

Get a Design Lead a few hours per week to lead your team, to build your product design strategy and get recurrent expert advice.

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What do you get?

Design Reviews

Product Strategy

Team Management

Design System Strategy

Fresh Ideas

User Research Expertise

Landing Page Optimization

A/B Testing Strategy

Ecommerce Optimization

Honest Feedback

Fresh Designer Eyes

+20 Yrs of World-Class Experience

Why Trust Me?

Hi! I’m Jaime. I’ve been designing for +20 years

Over the years I’ve helped over 50 companies and institutions across the USA and Europe from small startups to international institutions. Among these you can find IDB, Sketch, Santander Bank, Audi and PayPal.

I’m also a mentor on UX Design and have helped over 30 students become UX designers and get jobs across the tech industry.

Design is my passion, I enjoy solving complex challenges through design and engineering to create delightful UIs that are a joy to use.

I’d love to do the same for you.

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+26 happy customers so far.

“We’re so grateful for Jaime’s indispensable mentorship. His insight, feedback, understanding, and support helped me transition into the designer I am today”
“Thanks to Jaime’s expertise we managed to build and scale design system for our product that has proven to be a game changer in our design turnaround time”
Indy G.
CEO at Wedo
“Jaime’s insightful comments and advice have helped us immensely in our Shopify store, helping us improve conversions in some of our landing and product pages by more than 150%”