Hire Jaime

Yeah you should!

So you’re considering hiring me?

That’s awesome!

Here I’ll try to show you why you should. Let’s get started.

I'm kind of Unicorn

I’ve worked on design & development

I’m an engineer that solves problems through design.

I use design as a tool to solve usage issues more than just for how something looks or feels.

I’m a UX Designer and I’ve been working with both backend and frontend developers since the start of my career.

I'm Reliable

A big part of the problem is finding someone that is reliably there and can understand your needs.

I do both. I’ve done it for over 12 years.

I’m there, with a solid response and flawless execution.

I have experience

Been in the industry it for over 12 years.

I’ve worked with over 50 companies in more 10 countries.

I know how to manage and deliver the results you expect. I’ve been doing that for a long while.

I have Vision

I’m not a dumb developer who you need to manage.

I solve problems, I come up with smart solutions.

I’m motivated, passionate and always giving my best to achieve the goals.

I’ve worked on project ? & team? management,? front-end development (CSS3, HTML5 ?) and User Experience Design? ?(Interaction and UI design for mobile / web apps).

I’ve worked with big players like Match.com, PayPal, and international organizations like the Inter-American Development Bank.

International Experience

I’ve worked in Venezuela, USA, France and Spain.

I understand different markets and targets. I know how to design for different audiences and how to solve the challenges a multinational design have to address.

Great Taste

There’s something you can’t learn easily, something most people lack.


I’ve always enjoyed well designed, well crafted things. I value the attention to detail, the crafting, loving what you’re building and I apply that to everything I do.

I believe in being practical and efficient, but attention to detail should not offer because of this. That’s what makes great taste. It’s something you refine over years, with experience.

Great Taste cannot be taught, either you have it or you don’t.

The Basics of Me