Jaime Creixems

From broke to solid
From clueless to a little less clueless
From dependant to emancipated
From highschooler to engineer
From unemployable to bootstrapper, employed and entrepeneur
From helpless to helpful
From troubled to cleaner
From single to married
From not knowing what I was doing, to still not sure but loving it xD
From trapped in a terrible country to emigrant, free to go wherever I want
From knowing a couple of countries to more than 15

Still sorrounded by many of the same friends
Still geeking out
Still rockin’
Still valuing the same things
Still dreaming about the next 10 years
Still loving every step of the way, even those to the unknown
Still happy, still afraid, still excited
Still confident that the best is yet to come

Thanks life for those awesome 20’s. Here’s to the 30’s! May you be as awesome and progressive as my 20’s were 🙂

The journey is the reward. Enjoy the ride! Rock on \m/

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