Since 2019, I’ve been a mentor for the UX/UI Design Career at Springboard. I’m also a mentor on ADPList.

My guidance has led more than 20 students become product designers and find jobs in companies like Citrix and IBM.

I deeply enjoy teaching, learning and talking about design, tech and new ideas with curious minds.

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a meaningful career so far and I’d love to share what I’ve learned over the years.

Looking for guidance on your next steps as a designer or want to break into the field? Feel free to book a session.

I can’t thank my mentor, Jaime Creixems, enough! His advice, expertise, and guidance was essential to my sanity and success.

– Erica B.

Jaime Creixems is truly the best mentor I could ever ask for.

– Tra Le.


I’m so, so grateful for indispensable mentorship from Jaime Creixems! His insight, feedback, understanding, and support helped me transition into the designer I am today, and will continue to assist and inspire the designer I will become in the future, as I continue to hone existing skills and learn new ones.

– Joseph K.

“From the very beginning of our time working together, Jaime has been deeply dedicated to helping me succeed as a designer. He has brought his complete attention, engagement, and expertise to every mentor call. His flexibility and thoughtfulness have made every meeting productive and inspiring...”

– Clarissa C.

Special shout-out to my mentor, Jaime Creixems! I feel extremely grateful to have been under y’all’s mentorship and guidance. Thank you for sharing your breadth of knowledge and valuable time with me, always having an answer to my endless questions!

– Joyce C-K.