Jaime Creixems

Opinno Academy

The Project

Opinno is a consulting company in Madrid Spain.

They wanted to have an e-learning platform where they could upload courses for their employees and their community.

I was tasked with creating the whole project from scratch, defining the goals, UX and UI design while managing the development team that built it.

We chose Django, Python and Vue.js as the main tech stack for this project.


We started analyzing what the users needed. We defined goals and objectives as well as a list of functionalities the app needed to have.

We defined personas across the audience based on this data and started getting real user flows that reflected the data we had.

We figured the platform needed to fulfill the following things:

  • Easy creation and management of a course.
  • Ability to create and manage admins, teachers, students and courses.
  • A permission system for each type of user.
  • A form creator in order to create evaluations for the different courses

We then proceeded to design a solution that focused on these objectives while still providing support for the current user base and keeping things clean.

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