Asensia App

The Project

The company approached us trying to make an app where they could remind women to take the hormone-regulating pill they sell.

They also wanted to provide insights and relevant articles and content within the app. These articles would change on a weekly basis.

They wanted to improve sales, educate their customer base (women over 50) in terms of their own health and wanted to provide relevant health information to them.

We resolved all the challenges by integrating their branding guidelines into the app while retaining important default styles that speeded up development.

We created different personas, all women over 50 with different needs and conditions and that way we could figure out the best way to provide information for all the types.

That analysis resulted in the layout of the app which is composed of a Reminders section, A daily check that provide all the daily info that the users would need, a Learn section where users can learn more about their bodies and the hormonal processes that regulate it, an Info section where they could find out about news and information about the product and a Stats section that would give the users stats and tracing info on health-regarding purposes.


Style Guide

Final Result