AZ Guía Automotriz

  • Client: Estrada y Asociados
  • Date: 2011
  • Info: Web design, theme & plugin dev
  • Tech: WordPress, CSS, PHP
  • Visit:

AZ Guía is the largest yellow-pages-style directory of car dealers, shops and parts in Venezuela. And they needed their website…

They needed a site that could handle more than 30k entries organized in multiple concurrent ways. We provided them with a clean, easy design that focused on search first. We used WordPress as the backend and developed a special app for them to bulk-upload the entries .

We developed a special WordPress plugin for filtering the info by multiple criteria and placed in a clever way on the site using jQuery.

This has been one of the most challenging projects we’ve ever managed. And it was a total success. Here’s what Estrada & Asociados said about us:

“Working with Creixems Web Studio has been so nice and beneficial to us that we’re on our third project with them. We’ve obtained premium quality service and timely replies each time we require them.”