• Client: Mayorista de Utiles, C.A.
  • Date: 2004 – 2010
  • Info: Web design & dev, UX.
  • Tech: jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Visit:

Imperotools (brother site to Corte y Medición) required a very particular structure of site that was not solvable by any CMS.

We built a PHP Templating system and made special UX enhacements using JQuery to give them exactly what they needed.

Imperotools has been our client since 2004. We built the site back then using only static HTML. With loads of tables and content the site eventually went to big to manage that way, that’s why in 2010 we rebuilt the site from scratch using a custom-made PHP templating system and the latest JQuery UX Enhacements to provide them with the best way to display the information they needed to show their customers.

The view of the tables using JQuery Zoom is something that we’re very proud of.