Jaime Creixems

Mercy Corps – AgriFin

Mercy Corps reached us given our extensive experience working with international NGOs.

They needed to redesign their website and follow their brand guidelines as well as a new way to organize their posts and publications to make it easily findable by their audience. They also needed a way to easily update and manage the content of their site.

We analyzed their audience and brand guidelines and developed a custom implementation of WordPress + Divi to make it easy to manage the content.

We developed a custom Faceted search engine  to make it easy to search and find publications and blog posts according to the criteria they used.

We also came up with a strikingly visual design that conveys large amounts of information is a clean and understandable way.

  • Client
  • Date: 2020
  • Info: Podcast website.
  • Tech: Sketch, InVision, WordPress, Divi, Custom APIs
  • Visit: mercycorpsagrifin.org
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