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Sharing knowledge and ideas with people who is into design and tech is one of the things I enjoy the most.

Over the years I’ve given a few talks and interviews about design, the UX process, design systems and development.

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These are selection of a few projects I’ve created over the years.

Some of them are no longer active.

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Changing Work

2020 - 2021 | Consultancy

Developed a series of courses and techniques to help companies transition towards Remote Work.


2017 - 2020 | Web App

A customizable Pay-Me page made for freelancers to process payments using Stripe.

Refresh Valencia

2008 - 2011 | Web App

Founded and developed the tech community of my hometown.

BarCamp Valencia

2009 | Event

Planned and Executed Latin America’s 1st unconference with +150 attendees.

Other Talks

Older events and talks where I’ve been a speaker on topics like design, research, development and tech. 


Designers vs. Developers

2019 | Opinno - Madrid

UX & UI in Web Dev

2017 | BarCamp - Orlando

Get Started in Podcasting

2016 | Technights - Miami

Five Tips for Frontend Devs

2011 | ADWE - Madrid

CSS & WordPress at BarCamp

2008 | BarCamp - Miami

BarCamp Opening Keynote

2009 | BarCamp - Valencia

The Future of the Web

2008 | USB - Caracas

WordPress Development

2010 | 40hr training - Valencia

Tech Talks @ Refresh

2008 - 2010 | Valencia