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Sharing knowledge and ideas with people who is into design and tech is one of the things I enjoy the most.

Over the years I’ve given a few talks and interviews about design, the UX process, design systems and development.

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Understanding the U in UX through empathy


A Beginner's Guide to UX Research


Product Heroes Profile


Best Practices on Design Systems


UX Research Expert Roundtable



These are selection of a few succesful projects I’ve created over the years.

Some of them are no longer active.

Oh Fork it!

2019 | Podcast

Founder and Podcaster in Oh Fork it!

Detached Instances

2023 | Design Community

Invite-only Discord for Designers.

Changing Work

2020 - 2021 | Consultancy
Developed a series of courses and techniques to help companies transition towards Remote Work.

Refresh Valencia

2008 - 2010 | Community

Founded and developed the tech community of my hometown: Refresh in Valencia, Venezuela.

Webjac Store

2023 | Online Store

Custom-designed shirts and stuff.

The Fuck Cards

2023 | Web App

Create and send customizable cards.


2017 - 2020 | Web App

A customizable Pay-Me page made for freelancers to process payments using Stripe.

Barcamp Valencia

2009 - 2010 | Event

Planned and Executed Latin America’s 1st unconference with more than 150 attendees.


A selection of articles I’ve published throughout my career, in this site and elsewhere.

Build a Design System in Sketch


How to organize and maintain design systems

The “profit but open” model

The “profit but open” model

I was talking to a friend recently about twitter's new "Rules of the Road" and we were talking about how sad we felt about the change of direction...

Older Talks

Older events and talks where I’ve been a speaker on topics like design, research, development and tech.

Designers vs. Developers

2017 | Madrid @ Opinno

UX & UI in Web Dev

2016 | Orlando @ BarCamp

Five Tips for Frontend Devs

2011 | Madrid @ ADWE

WordPress Dev (40hr course)

2010 | Valencia

Main Keynote BarCamp Val

2009 | Valencia

Get Started in Podcasting

2016 | Miami @Technights

The Future of the Web

2010 | Caracas @ USB

CSS & WordPress at BarCamp

2008 | Miami

Tech Talks @ Refresh

2008 - 2009 | Valencia