About James


Hey! I’m Jaime (like saying hello to yourself: “Hi, me”) and  I design experiences.

I’m an information engineer | UX and UI designer | frontend dev | podcaster | bootstrapper | geek | part latin, european, and part american and currently in Washington DC.

I love to design great UIs and experiences so we can enjoy the tools we use.

I built ServPaidThe All Purpose Card, have a podcast (in Spanish) at Robot Podcast, and I make great websites.

If one word defines me it would be curiosity. It allows me to be open, progressive and keeps me constantly learning new things. I believe that the journey is the reward, so we should enjoy today.

I’m a bootstrapper, I believe that working hard, smart and honestly always lead to great things. I love to exchange ideas and build new things to improve the world we share with respect and an open mind.

I’ve been a professional consultant in design, UX & development for more than 14 years now. You’ll find my services at Webjac Studio. So far, I’ve helped over 50 companies in more than 10 countries get their digital strategy defined and working including the Inter-American Development Bank.

I enjoy teaching and talking about new ideas to hungry minds. I’ve been a consultant, a teacher and a speaker in subjects like Web Development, Design, UX, and the future of technology. I enjoy sharing thoughts and ideas with smart people.

That’s also why I helped build the tech community in Venezuela with events like  Refresh Valencia, organized the first BarCamp conference in Venezuela and made several podcasts over the course of my career. I love to give back to the tech community.

I’m also passionate about traveling, learning different cultures, science, photography, design, technology and movies with a special love for everything Disney+Pixar. When it comes to music I’m mostly about  rock \m/. Bands like Dream Theater, Pearl Jam, Sister Hazel & Dave Matthews Band are among my favorites.

Get to know me better reading my Curriculum Vitae, or at my Twitter, Dribbble and LinkedIn accounts where I’m always active.

I’m open to new projects so if you need to design & build something let’s talk.

Contact me or shoot me a “hello” at Twitter.

And remember: The journey is the reward, so enjoy today.