Jaime Creixems

The All-Purpose Card, a card for every occasion

I just launched allpurposecard.com. A site where you can build your own holiday card, get the link for it and send it to a special (or not-so special) someone. 

I first saw the idea a few months ago over at 9GAG and noticed some guys were actually selling the thing. I thought the web could use a card like this. So I built it.

I did it for fun and learning: I wanted to learn PHP more deeply and to level-up my CSS skills and thought this was a nice project to do so. It took me a couple of days to build the core and another day to polish the details.

The app is made all in PHP and the data is loaded in JSON. For HTML I used some Emmet and for CSS I started with the Skeleton framework and built the whole thing there. And the whole thing is responsive, looks awesome in desktops and tablets (altough it’s not so great on phones).

After everything was almost done I decided to change to Zurb’s Foundation Framework and nailed at first try, the change of the framework worked almost flawlessly. Honestly, I was amazed, CSS has progressed a lot!

Fonts are handled with Google Fonts, backgrounds with Subtle Patterns, icons with Genericons and Short URLs with the free bit.ly API. All other artwork was done by me in Fireworks and the code in Coda.

I’m planning on releasing the source code on GitHub later on depending on how the site performs. But for the time being…

Fill in the recipient’s name, select your “wishes” and sign it. Hit Create to get a URL where your card can be seen. Share that link and that’s it!

Go make a card on allpurposecard.com

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