Jaime Creixems


The Challenge

ServPaid came to be as because we needed a way to charge our customers using credit and debit cards. We needed to get paid from clients in an easy-understandable way.

The idea was simple: Input the amount, send it to the client, the client inputs their credit card and done.

We wanted to use Stripe as our payment processor and we needed to build a front-end, responsive solution to make charges.


We resolved all the challenges of integrating with the Stripe API and while we did that we figured out this could be a full product.

So we developed a multi-url setup so that users can register their own URLs and get their own version of the product with full customization settings.

We integrated the Stripe API, setup the SSL Certificate and developed the whole product to be easy, responsive and clearly understandable.

We designed it for almost everything to be customizable: all dialogs, background image and logo are customizable.

It works on every device and thanks to the customization options it really integrates with the brand and design of the customer.

  • In-house Project
  • Date: 2015
  • Info: Payment Service for small business.
  • Tech: Sketch, Stripe, PHP, JS.
  • Visit: servpaid.com
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