Jaime Creixems

Wow, it’s been a whole year since I wrote here. It’s been a rough year. Last year I wrote this. This year, I’ll expand on it with the painful experience I’ve gained on these past 365 days. It’s gonna hurt.

From broke to solid… to halfway between broke and solid
From clueless to a little less clueless… to absolutely clueless again
From dependant to emancipated… to back to dependant and re-emancipated in the biggest freedom I’ve gained in my life
From highschooler to engineer… and prouder than ever.
From unemployable to bootstrapper, employed and entrepreneur… to yet another fresh start.. still browsing around.
From helpless to helpful… to somewhere in between, helpless at times, helpful at others.
From troubled to cleaner… and back to troubled (but somehow a lot cleaner now).
From single to married… to divorced (this has been incredibly painful).
From not knowing what I was doing, to still not sure but loving it… and back to not knowing, but feeling ok about it.
From trapped in a terrible country to emigrant, free to go wherever I want… to yet another new country, finding new horizons.
From knowing a couple of countries to more than 15. Still the same
Still surrounded by many of the same friends… no longer surrounded by so many friends, but with way more family 🙂
Still geeking out… to even more than before
Still rockin’… rock on \m/
Still valuing the same things… and valuing some more even deeper
Still dreaming about the next 10 years… to having a harder time doing so… living day by day now.
Still loving every step of the way, even those to the unknown… and still, now more than ever.
Still happy, still afraid, still excited… not so much happy anymore, but still looking up.
Still confident that the best is yet to come… and yet the worst came, but life has taught me that from those terrible times, we become better people and the best things grow from there.

It’s harder to be thankful to life this year, but I’ll bet you something life… right now it’s too soon to see the greatness on the tragedy, but I bet that next year, when I’m 32, I’ll be incredibly thankful for these hard days I’ve been living in this past year.

It’s hard to reinvent yourself and question everything you thought was certain. But by doing that, there’s nothing but growth. So thanks life, even though it’s hard to say it now.

Here’s to the this year that starts today: come as you are.

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